They pulled it off! The most accurate adaptation of a comic I have ever seen. It is literally as if a Deadpool comic came to life before my very eyes; the absurd humour, fourth wall breaks and fast moving plot are all present as is the best adaptation of a costume since Christopher Reeve donned the red and blue.

Can a film that contains more masturbatory jokes than Adam Sandler’s resume really be hilarious? Yes it can and furthermore its a breath of fresh air to an oversaturated superhero market; utilising a smaller scope and cast to keep the focus where it should be – Mr Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool. Of course, it isn’t perfect, few films are but the main problems here are really part of the fun with the sub-par visual effects and lack of world building both criticised by our protagonist himself! Other than that, a few of the more obscure jokes just didn’t land with certain people in at least my theatre (the fabulous post credits scene isn’t as funny if you don’t know the name Bueller, though anyone who falls into this category is half dead anyway).

Ryan Reynolds capitalises on his past failures as both Deadpool and Green Lantern, finally showing he was never the problem and was in fact born to play this role (sorry Nolan North). Surrounded by a talented cast, Reynolds is supported whilst never being distracted from: other characters simply act as sounding boards for his jokes with the baby hand situation being a particular highlight. The amazing opening title sequence (which I wont spoil) immediately sets the surreal tone and is followed by the films most impressive action set piece – while the high point of the film may be in the first 15 minutes, this in no way means the rest is poor, its just gets hard to maintain a dropped jaw after you get used to the Pools quirks. A final aspect to point out is the music: while I tired of the same song being used in all the trailers, it admittedly worked in the long run and throwbacks to bands like Wham! gave off an ‘Awesome mix Vol. 1’ feel that is yet to get stale.

I will be sad to see Deadpool, though popular for years in the comics, finally leave for the land of the mainstream but at least he goes with a bang – combining perfectly the big superhero flick with that weird indie comedy your awkward friend likes.




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