Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILER FREE)

What can one say about Star Wars that hasn’t already been said; the originals are great and the prequels are not. That is why this new trilogy by J.J Abrams is so important – it will show the world if the magic of the original trilogy can be recaptured. Thankfully…it can.

I am not going to lie, i teared up several times throughout this film and so did many others in the theatre. The Force Awakens is an incredible experience, never before have i felt such a sense of nostalgia in a film so similar and yet so different to the original trilogy. Those epic themes by John Williams return with an aura of adventure and excitement that instantly hooks you back into this universe. Somehow, this film compliments the characters, worlds and atmosphere whilst simultaneously updating it for todays audience. (Starkiller Base is the new Death Star, Rey the new Luke Skywalker and so on.) The themes stay too with the multiple characters of The Force Awakens all living with regret and yearning for more. What about Luke you ask? Well, his part in this film should remain for a spoiler review.

As for Rey and Finn; our two new leads are incredibly compelling with both Daisy Ridley and John Boyega delivering great performance that will no doubt launch their blooming careers to new heights. Another amazing achievement is made with the visual effects; the blending of practical and cgi is how its meant to be done. the sense that we are in this world is so vivid thanks to this practicality with only a few mo-cap performances looking a bit out of place.

Are their problems? ..yes.. but they in no way detract from the quality of the film. I simply have watched a few too many episodes of Girls and so, when Kylo Ren removed his mask, the distinctive features of Adam Driver just didn’t instil the same sense of dread as it would for many others seeing this film: but maybe thats the point, Ren is a new, more human villain. My only valid disappointment was Captain Phasma, who was clearly built up way too much in the advertising and merchandise for a disappointing screen presence. I have heard complaints that The Force Awakens is derivative of A New Hope….so? It’s homage not recycling.

Overall though this film is perfect for what the Star Wars fans wanted – delivering everything and more that we expected 16 years ago with The Phantom Menace.





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