Following from the brilliant ‘Skyfall’, Spectre has big shoes to fill but unfortunately falls short from becoming a memorable bond film. Amazing visuals are dragged down by a poor script, focusing more on fairly routine action sequences than the development of the villain and the romance. While Craig manages to still be strong as bond, it is Christoph Waltz and Lea Seydoux that suffer. While their performances are good, they simply aren’t given enough time to be as exciting as the film seems to think they are (to think this is the bond girl for whom James leaves MI6 is frankly ridiculous.) The main subplot involving M (Ralph Fiennes) and Q (Ben Whishaw) fighting C’s (Andrew Scott) plans to close the 007 programme feels a bit stale; we have seen this story play out a hundred times before. Spectre also seems to reuse old Bond action sequences, updating them and giving nostalgic excitement at the expense of originality  but that might be intended as the whole film seems to be returning to the formulaic Bond clichés of old. While Craig’s era as Bond seemed firmly against such a return, I do welcome this change and feel that Skyfall perfectly eased us into it.


Positives: Brilliant Score, Cinematography, Performances, Nostalgia

Negatives: Weak script, Paint by numbers action, Length


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